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Kulka 572 Non Shunted Lamp Holder for Single Pin (Fa8) Spring Loaded Fluorescent Bulbs

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Spring loaded (Plunger End) fluorescent socket for single pin (Fa8) lamps.
View a Detailed Specification Sheet: Kulka 1-572
  • Rating: 572: 660 Watts, 1000 V.
  • Listing: UL File No. E-13408;
  • CSA File No. LR95423. (CSA Certified if pitched) for outdoor use in enclosed signs and fixtures.
  • Mounting: Butt-on mount
  • Housing: White urea
  • Contacts: Silver-plated copper alloy
  • Termination: Lead wires 9 (228.6 mm) long, 18 AWG stranded and tinned
  • lead wires, 1/2 stripped, standard. Wire rated: AWM 600 V,
  • 105'C (221'F).



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