Maxlite 15A19DLED30/G2 15 Watt Dimmable LED Light Bulb 3000K Replaces 100 Watt Incandescent Bulb

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MaxLite’s LED Omnidirectional A-Line lamp replicate true A19 incandescents. They are suited to a wide variety of residential and commercial applications, including pendants, wall sconces and table and floor lamps. 15 watt LED bulb replaces a 100 watt incandescent, saving 85% on energy costs.
View A Specification Sheet: Maxlite E15A19DLED30
  •  Five Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 25,000 Hour Rated Life
  • 1600 Lumens Replaces a 100 Watt Incandescent Bulb) 
  • Dimmable to 10% (When used with a compatible LED dimmer)
  • Suitable for use in Enclosed Fixtures
  • 80 CRI (100 Equals Natural Sunlight)

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