Sylvania 21695 FBO31T8/835XP/ECO 31 Watt T8 U-Bent Fluorescent Lamp

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Sylvania Octron Curvalume T8 fluorescent lamps deliver high performance characteristics and exceptional energy efficiency. When Octron Curvalume lamps are operated on instant start electronic ballasts, system efficacy is maximized. In a typical fixture, the optical and thermal efficiency is improved over standard T12 lamps. These lamps bring T8 technology to a wider variety of fixture configurations. Curvalume lamps are ideal for 2X2 troffers. Octron Curvalume lamps operate on the same ballasts as linear Octron T8 lamps providing maintenance ease and color consistency throughout an installation.FBO31T8/835/ECO 31 Watt T8 U-Bent Lamp. 1-5/8" Leg Spacing. 3500K Color Temperature, CRI 85. Medium Bipin Ends. Maximum Overall Length 22.5", Diameter 1". Mean Life 24,000 hours. Lumens 2775.

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